How to Boost Your Poker Winnings With Poker Bonuses


How to Boost Your Poker Winnings With Poker Bonuses


Vector illustration of poker cards and casino chips.

How to Boost Your Poker Winnings With Poker Bonuses


Vector illustration of poker cards and casino chips.

Poker bonuses don’t just top up your bankroll, they can also improve your winnings and elevate your overall online poker experience. If you aren’t taking advantage of the promotions from online casinos, then you’re not being a strategic and opportunistic poker player. Let’s show you what casino bonuses are and how they can boost your poker results when you play poker online.

What are online poker bonuses?

Online poker or casino bonuses are incentives sites use to encourage players to join their platform. There are many different types of casino bonuses, but deposit match bonuses are the most popular. In a deposit match offer, casinos will double or match your deposit up to a certain amount, giving you much more playing credit. The Borgata Online casino welcomes new members with a 100% deposit match of up to $1,000. 

In some casinos, you can win a no-deposit bonus when you sign up without depositing any funds. Other bonuses include referral bonuses, loyalty bonuses, reward multipliers or free spins and entries for slots and tournaments.

While getting free money and extras sounds awesome, reading the terms and conditions is imperative. Offers can have wagering requirements that state how much you have to wager in the casino before you make your first withdrawal. Just make sure the requirements and terms are reasonable for you before opting in. No matter how amazing an offer sounds, the terms and conditions ultimately decide if the casino bonus is good or bad

How can poker casino bonuses boost your poker results?

If you know how to choose the right one, poker and welcome bonuses can help you level up when you join an online casino. You get free money to explore different variations and stakes without risking too much money. But can poker bonuses improve your results and wins? Let’s find out.

Vector illustration of poker cards, dice and casino chips.

A higher bankroll improves your odds

If you’re an experienced player, having more money to bet with can significantly improve your results. If you made a $500 deposit, opting into the Borgata Online welcome offer would give you $1000 to play with in the long term. This opens up the possibilities for games with higher stakes and pots, giving you more opportunities to break even and meet your targets and poker goals. A bigger bankroll means you can play more and potentially win more if you know how. 

More opportunities to use your poker strategy

Casino bonuses are particularly beneficial for poker players because poker is a skill-based game. Even if you score a huge slot bonus, it might not mean you’ll win more. Slots are unpredictable and luck-based. 

Poker is different. If you’re a skilled player with proper table selection skills, you can use your bonus to give the game your best and steal the pot from inexperienced players. If a particular strategy works well for you, the bonus offers more opportunities to use it to win in online poker tournaments and games. Practice makes perfect and having more opportunities to test your strategy will help you tweak it and find any potential weak spots you may have missed. 

Turning the game around when you lose

Not every poker round is profitable. Thankfully, bonuses aren’t only beneficial for winning rounds, but for losing ones too. A bonus acts as a cushion during unfortunate sessions. You can take comfort in knowing that you haven’t lost too much of your own money. The bonus increases your chances of winning, but it simultaneously lowers the risk of depleting your funds. Then you can spread your budget across more bets to increase your chances and break out of your bad streak. 

While a bonus might make losses less painful, always gamble responsibly. Never chase your losses and keep playing just because you have extra funds. Set daily time and bet limits so you know when to stop and take a break.  

Tips for finding the right poker bonus

‘BONUS’ written on a reel surrounded by casino cards and icons.

Now you understand match bonuses and how they can benefit your poker game. But how do you find the right bonus for you? First things first, read the terms and conditions. Always check to see what the wagering requirements are. The wagering requirements are the amounts of your own money you have to bet before you can withdraw your winnings; these are usually written as a multiple. 

For example, if a casino has a 5x wagering requirement and you made a deposit of $20 with a $20 deposit bonus match, you would need to bet 5x $20, or $100, before you make a withdrawal. There’s no point in signing up for a casino solely for the bonus. Wagering requirements can take time to fulfill. Choose a casino with all your favorite games, multiple payment and withdrawal options and proper security and licensing.

Secondly, check which games are eligible to play with your bonus. Don’t opt into a slot bonus to play poker games online. Find out if the poker variation you want to play is in the listed qualifying games for the bonus. 

Lastly, multiple bonuses and promotions are better than one. After the initial deposit match or sign-up bonus, look out for other promotions and freebies. Multiple bonuses can boost your enjoyment and your poker results even further. Visit the Borgata Online Promotions Page to check out our ongoing poker and casino promotions and rewards. 

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