Best Unconventional Christmas Dinner Ideas


Best Unconventional Christmas Dinner Ideas


Roast turkey with chestnuts

Best Unconventional Christmas Dinner Ideas


An aerial view of a Christmas feast

Are you tired of seeing the same decorations every Christmas? Eating the same food, drinking the same drinks and playing the same casino table games? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s nothing wrong with traditional Christmas themes, but it’s always refreshing to try new and exciting ideas. Innovative dinner parties tend to stand out as cherished memories, and we’ve got plenty of ambitious themes for you to try. Here are seven of the best, most unconventional ideas we could find.

1. A Christmas talent show

First on our list is karaoke – an all-time classic that’s usually reserved for less auspicious nights. We’re being bold and daring today, though, so grab a karaoke set and start planning your Christmas talent show. If there aren’t any singers in your midst, make it an open talent show and let everyone decide what type of performance they would prefer.

Make it a memorable competition by adding a prize for the winner. Like online casino games, the reward is the main incentive to get your guests invested. The trophy should be something that all the attendees will appreciate, so you may have to do some research beforehand to find the object that holds the most appeal.

2. A giftless Christmas

When it comes to ambitious ideas, is there anything more unconventional than getting rid of gifts? Christmas is a wholly different experience when there are no gifts to exchange. As long as you’re not doing it out of spite, a lack of gifts still falls in line with the ultimate aims of Christmas – to cherish loved ones and spend time with friends and family.

Of course, you’re also saving money for yourself and your guests, which could be a deciding factor for cash-strapped invitees. The only trouble is that you’ll need to find a substitute for the gift-giving process, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you combine this idea with something like a talent show, for example. 

3. Live entertainment

Live entertainers add an air of sophistication to Christmas dinner parties, whether it’s a music band or live dealer casino games. It’s not the cheapest option by any means, but you don’t have to pay for real money casinos, and your guests will definitely appreciate the prestigious atmosphere that comes with high-quality entertainment.

The person or service you choose has to be selected carefully. The only way this idea can fail is if you hire the wrong entertainment, so don’t take any chances with cheaper alternatives. To save yourself (and your guests) from lackluster entertainers, read reviews and compare pricing before making your choice.

4. Have a BBQ

An aerial view of a table with BBQ food on it.

Had enough stuffed turkeys and mashed potatoes? Flip the script and make the most of summer traditions with a Christmas BBQ. Grilled meat and roasted vegetables are delicious, no matter what time of the year it is, from succulent briskets to melt-in-your-mouth corn on the cob.

The weather might be an issue considering our climate, but you can stay warm and dry with something as simple as a makeshift overhang. The heat from the BBQ will provide ample warmth for the surrounding area, and as long as your guests are meat-eaters, they’ll be salivating around the fire in anticipation.

5. Donate your Christmas

Many people are struggling to make ends meet at any given point in time, and the vast majority of low-income households simply don’t have enough resources to celebrate the festive season in the more traditional sense. If you have the means to throw a Christmas party, you may want to consider “giving away” your dinner as a form of charity.

Technically, the gift of giving is a defining aspect of the festive season, so you’re merely embodying the spirit of Christmas. Food kitchens and homeless shelters are extremely busy over the holiday period, and your contributions could make a world of difference for someone less fortunate than you.

6. Host a casino gaming night

Casino table games are far from unconventional, at least when it comes to Christmas pastimes. If you pair them with a full-blown casino theme, however, you get all the benefits of remote casinos with none of the associated drawbacks.

Online slots and slot machines can be fun with smaller groups of guests. If you’re hosting a larger dinner, you’re better off with table games like bingo and roulette. Most of these games are available through hiring services, so you don’t have to buy your own table if you don’t want to.

7. Travel the world

A family sitting in front of the fire with Christmas socks on.

You don’t have to get on a plane to go globetrotting. Christmas is celebrated in many different ways worldwide, so why not draw some inspiration from the cultures you admire the most?

For example, did you know that Austria’s equivalent of Santa is evil? In Ukraine, tinsel and baubles are replaced by glittering spider webs, while the Dutch place shoes stuffed with carrots by the fire. These are but a fraction of the endearing cultural traditions found worldwide, and you can probably already think of friends and family who celebrate Christmas differently.

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