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4 of the Best Gadgets and Devices to Help You Stay Focused

A woman practices meditation.

While most people probably don’t struggle to focus when they play online casino games, the same can’t be said for other less exciting activities, such as work. To help you get through these somewhat more mundane tasks, we’ve put together our list of four of the best gadgets and devices to help you stay focused! Check them out below!

Core Meditation Trainer

Meditation was once considered an esoteric Eastern practice but has since become very popular in the West due to all the benefits it offers, including the ability to increase your focus. The Core Meditation Trainer is a small, orb-like device that is designed to make meditation a little bit easier by providing you with a physical point of focus. It vibrates at different rates, depending on the meditation that you are following on the companion app (which comes with a number of meditations, depending on your subscription status), as well as gathering data on various factors such as pulse and heart rate so you have metrics to track your improvement over time.

While you could practice meditation the old-fashioned way, reviewers from sites like and Mashable agree that this device does help those who struggle with distractions when meditating. If you’re interested in meditation to improve your focus (or to help you stop tilting after a bad run when playing online poker or blackjack at an online casino), this is a device you should seriously consider.

NextErgo AI Smart Standing Desk

While humans have been making use of tables and desks in pretty much the same way for hundreds of years, standing desks have started to become an interesting alternative for those who want to improve their health and posture. Unfortunately, standing desks can also cause potential problems, such as pain in your back and legs, as well as postural issues. To bring you the best of both worlds, people designed adjustable standing desks, which allow you to change a desk from a height that’s suitable for sitting, to one that’s suitable for standing, with the best of these being smart desks that you can adjust using apps and switches on the desk itself. 

NextErgo took this concept one step further and built the AI Smart Standing Desk. This desk not only changes height via an 8-inch HD touchscreen, but it also has voice integration with Google Assistant, and learns your behavior so that it can suggest to you when you should switch things up, which sometimes may even mean leaving your desk and going for a short walk, or doing a quick yoga session (complete with step-by-step instructions). Being able to shift position to what your body needs has been shown to not only be good for your health, but also improve your ability to focus on your work, and the AI Smart Standing Desk undoubtedly takes this concept to the next level.

Varier Variable Balans Ergonomic Desk Chair

A man sits on a kneeling chair while he works at his desk.

We’ve already discussed the benefits a good desk can have on your focus, but it’s also important to have an ergonomic chair for when you are seated at your desk if you truly want to optimize your focus by improving your posture. To meet this need, Varier developed the Variable Balans Ergonomic Desk Chair. 

If you’ve seen ergonomic chairs before, you won’t be completely surprised by the look of the Variable Balans, which looks quite similar to other kneeling chairs. Like many others, it lacks a backrest and has your legs positioned closer to a 45-degree angle when hanging over the edge of the chair. What the Balans does offer is a design that aims to help you move (with a very slight curve along the bottom to allow for gentle rocking), very high-quality materials, and a much lighter frame than many similar chairs, providing you with a better sitting experience, whether you’re working or playing online slots.

If you’re in the market for a kneeling chair, be sure to keep an eye out for this high-quality product.

UpRight Go 2 Posture Trainer

If you’re like many of us, you’re undoubtedly worried about your posture and its impact on how you focus. There’s a wide range of gadgets that claim to eliminate your slouch, and you may have considered posture-correcting devices like back braces or posture correction straps. Unfortunately, these devices don’t always work as advertised, or simply become a type of “crutch” with your posture reverting back to its usual form if you’re not wearing the device. 

UpRight recognized this problem and have developed a series of electronic training tools that aim to train your mind and body to maintain better posture. Their latest device, the UpRight Go 2, offers an even better posture training experience than its predecessor. The Go 2 is a simple device that sits in the center of your upper back, hanging comfortably off a specially designed necklace. This device is connected to an app and monitors your posture, and when it detects you’re not standing or sitting correctly, it gently vibrates to remind you to stop slouching. Reviewers from Forbes and Wired have both reported positive results using this device, so it may be something you want to consider if you’re looking for a posture training solution as opposed to a device that forces your body into place.

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