The Stories Behind the Most Beautiful Abandoned Casinos

The interior of an old abandoned building.

There’s something truly alluring about old abandoned buildings. They trap moments in time and allow visitors to step into undisturbed and unchanged worlds. You’ve heard of tours of deserted mansions, hospitals, hotels, churches, theaters and even train stations. But have you ever thought of exploring an abandoned casino?

If you’ve fully embraced online casino games and don’t play table games in traditional buildings anymore, you might find the historical tour of an abandoned casino intriguing. Let’s look at the most beautiful abandoned casinos and their stories. 

The allure of casinos

Many gamblers often wonder if the convenience of playing casino games online is a threat to traditional casinos. We think it’s the opposite. Even though you’ll find many of the same slots and casino table games at both establishments, they each deliver distinctly unique experiences. A top online casino experience will offer a dizzying variety of games and an intuitive interface brilliantly condensed into your device or screen using modern technology. This lets the magic of casino gaming travel with you to fit into your life and schedule. 

However, playing casino online and visiting a betting venue are worlds apart. As soon as you step inside a casino, all of your senses come alive. Emotions like nostalgia, wonder, curiosity and amazement are triggered, and the world feels limitless. The in-person casino visit is not just about the live games available to play, the impeccable croupiers and the associated tipping etiquette they welcome from their guests. The opulent buildings themselves add to the immersive experience. Picture the vintage glamor featuring ornate chandeliers and extravagant furnishings. You’ve probably even seen some exquisite casino interiors in trending Japanese casino comic books. Some casinos – like the Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ – elevate old glamor into futuristic modern designs that look like appropriate settings for a sci-fi adventure.  

Casino designers use endless creativity and ingenuity to create buildings that look and feel like a fantasy world. Some casino resorts feature world-class spa facilities, outdoor sports, the most spectacular party destinations, concerts and light shows. Even though both online and brick-and-mortar casinos fall under the same category, patrons love them for different reasons. 

Here are some of the world’s most striking abandoned casinos. Although the buildings are empty, we can still admire their intricate and glamorous designs. 

The world’s most beautiful abandoned casinos

A wall of big bay windows in an abandoned building.

Casino di Consonno – Italy

Consonno isn’t a single abandoned building – it’s a ghost town! The location was once a busy village before entrepreneur Mario Bagno purchased all the land to build a party town he called the “City of Toys.” Unfortunately for Bagno, the main road allowing visitors to enter the town was washed away after most of the buildings were finished. (Perhaps forcing all the residents to leave the town proved to be too much negative karma!) 

What remains of the glorious venture are decaying restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and the Las Vegas-inspired casino, Casino di Consonno. Visitors can access the deserted ghost town via public roads to explore it, but some properties are private and closed off to the public. 

The Bokor Cambodia Hotel & Casino – Cambodia

Now a top tourist attraction and hotel, the Bokor was once a French colonial hotel and casino. The hotel and casino sat on top of a mountain, and the picturesque views attracted wealthy elite guests. In the aftermath of Cambodia’s independence, everything took a turn for the worse.

After the country endured the civil war, the genocide of the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese invasion, the town of Bokor was left empty and attracted no more tourists. As a result, the hotel and casino were closed. 

The building still features memorabilia and furnishings from the 1920s when it was first opened. After it was deserted, rumors spread that the abandoned building housed ghosts of former casino workers and patrons. Today, the mountaintop building is a hotel, and tourists can make a booking to see remnants of the old historic hotel.

Constanta Casino – Romania

Constanta Casino on the Black Sea during winter, in Romania.

Even though the Constanta Casino is non-functional now, it’s still almost as majestic as when it was built in 1910. From afar, the casino looks like a luxurious palace from a time gone by. The venue features two games rooms, a dance hall, theater, gallery, restaurant and a terrace with a sea view of Romania’s Black Sea coastline.  

Many factors caused the casino’s downfall. During the First World War, the building had to be used as a hospital. Later, when casino operations resumed in 1917, the venue needed serious renovation. This renovation was only completed in 1928. Unfortunately, when the Second World War came, German troops were stationed in the building in 1941. Soon after, it was damaged by the bombing. 

Constanta Casino eventually closed its doors in 1990 due to funding issues. Nevertheless, the elegant structure remains an iconic symbol of the city. It demonstrates the talent and timeless vision of its architect, Petre Antonescu. 

Asbury Park Casino – USA

Asbury Park in New Jersey was home to one of the state’s most popular casinos in the 20th century. The casino was built in 1929 by the New York architect firm renowned for designing New Grand Central Station. 

The building boasted a stunning art deco theme and beautiful panoramic windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn’t just a casino, though: the complex featured a theater, shops, attractions and a roller-skating arena. Sadly, Asbury Park Casino became less popular in the 1960s and eventually closed in the 1980s. Intense storms and incorrectly installed roofs caused even more damage to the prestigious building. 

The carousel reopened in 1990, and a skate park was built in the 2000s. The casino, however, remains derelict.

Penthouse Adriatic Club Casino – Croatia

The Penthouse Adriatic Club Casino, built in the 1970s in Malinska, on the Adriatic island of Krk, was intended to be a luxurious resort for wealthy and famous tourists. But the civil war affected tourism in the town, and the casino had to shut down in the 1990s. With its minimalist and opulent design, the building is an architectural treasure worth visiting despite its abandonment. There have been a few changes in ownership, but there are still no signs of redevelopment. 

Jubilation riverboat casino

A riverboat moored at sunrise.

You didn’t think we’d leave out the historic riverboat casinos, did you? The Jubilation Casino was a riverboat casino that opened in 1995. Its success was short-lived, however, as it had to close only seven months later. The Mississippi Gaming Commission forced the closure after the casino couldn’t legally maintain bankroll requirements to pay for casino table games and slot machines.

If you’ve always wondered what riverboat casinos were like, take a peek inside the boat’s velvety carpets and interior. Though the boat is heavily damaged, you can still check out the broken vintage slot machines scattered around the space. 

The nostalgia doesn’t have to end here because modern casinos haven’t completely lost the magic of these vintage venues. They still feature old-school game variations and value old casino rules and traditions like casino betting and house edges. So why not join a casino you can take where you go and find out how to play at a casino online? 

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