American Roulette Game Review

American Roulette online casino game

Roulette has remained a fan favorite for decades. The aim of American Roulette online is to predict the number on which the ball will land while placing one or more bets covering that particular number. Play American Roulette and potentially win big prizes. Read on for our review of this classic casino game, now available at Borgata Online.

Game overview

Many online casinos offer different varieties of roulette and at Borgata Online you get to place your bets on the American Roulette wheel. This variation is pretty similar to the other classic roulette variations with one crucial difference — there is an additional slot, the double zero slot. The main objective of this popular game is to predict which numbered pocket the ball will settle on. Simply place your bets on a particular number, and the dealer will turn the roulette wheel in one direction and spin the roulette ball in the opposite.  Let’s review the American version of this favored classic table game.

How to play

American Roulette online casino game

In American Roulette, there are 38 numbers instead of the usual 37, including the 36 standard numbers (painted red and black), and two zeroes (one green zero, and one green double zero). The dealer will release a ball onto the American Roulette wheel. The player’s objective is to predict which of the numbers the ball will settle on. Once the ball has settled, the dealer will announce the winning number and all bets will be settled automatically. 


The graphics in American Roulette will make you feel as though you’re at a real-life roulette table. Throughout the game, red, white, and blue are seen, which stays true to the colors of the American flag. During your gameplay, the felt table is laid out similar to the roulette table at a real-life casino with the roulette wheel next to it.


American Roulette online casino game

There are a number of different possible types of bets to be made. Players will notice that there are two distinct categories of bets called Inside Bets and Outside Bets. The Inside Bets are made on the numbered section of the table while the Outside Bets are made on the other areas. American Roulette online also has a favorite bets feature which allows you to save up to 3 bets of any configuration and place them automatically. Simply open the favorite bets menu and select a bet from your list. All your chips will be placed automatically. In order to save a bet as a favorite, you’ll need to place your bets on the table, and then open the favorite bets menu, enter a name for your bet and save it.

Bonuses & jackpots

This online variant of roulette is not known for having any bonuses but the game does allow different types of bets, including the straight-up bets which allows you to bet on any number (split bets, street bets, dozen bets, and many more). The payout varies for the different bets you placed and can be found in the online casino’s help section.

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